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Digital Photo Resizing Guide

Are your photos too big for email? Would you like to resize your digital photos for printing, perhaps several pictures to a page? This tutorial provides some simple tips for getting the results you want - the right size and high quality images.

  1. It's always good to resize from a bigger photo to a smaller photo. Avoid resizing from a smaller size to a bigger size if you can, as it loses quality.
  2. It's better to take your picture at a higher quality (resolution), especially for printing. You can always shrink the image in RPE Photo digital photo software. Most digital cameras allow you to set the quality.
  3. Keep the original higher quality pictures on your computer, so that you can come back later, resizing for either emailing or printing.
  4. Download your images from your camera often, so you do not run out of memory. Your computer has much, much, much more space for pictures.
  5. For emailing digital photos, use a resolution of 400x300 or 640x480. The smaller size means you won't fill your friend's email box or take minutes to download. These two sizes are the small and large option in RPE Photo software.
  6. Emailing a smaller size won't fill the computer screen with a huge image either! 640x480 will be more than half the computer screen for just about everyone.

Learn about or windows software for Resizing, Printing and Emailing your digital Photos.
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Watch a 90 Second Tutorial Demonstration


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