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Digital Photo Printing Tips

Tired of printouts from your digital camera that don't measure up to traditional photographs? This guide provides simple instructions for quality photo prints on inkjet printers.


  1. It's always good to resize from a bigger photo to a smaller photo. Avoid resizing from a smaller size to a bigger size if you can, as it loses quality.
  2. It's better to take your picture at a higher quality (resolution), especially for printing. You can always shrink the image in RPE Photo.
  3. Use letter or A4 paper size to avoid cutting off your photos.
  4. Premium Glossy Photo Paper will print out the best quality. Glossy photo paper gives much better results.
  5. In the print preferences, choose the proper paper/media type. If you use Premium Glossy photo paper, make sure you choose that.
  6. Select the highest quality setting in the Printing Preferences, also choose color photo unless you specifically want a black-and-white print.
  7. If you are getting lines or other marks in your pictures, use the printer's Utility functions to tune-up your printer.
  8. Make sure your printer's color ink cartridge has enough ink. Replacing the cartridge can improve picture quality.


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