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Everybody knows that life can get very hectic at times. Whether you're a student, full-time mother, career woman, businessman or senior citizen, chances are there are a lot of things that you need to remember to do. But with today's busy lifestyle, keeping all those dates and times in your head can seem totally impossible. If you find yourself overwhelmed by your schedule and constantly end up missing meetings or forgetting important dates, you need our reminder software!

Monkeymen Calendar sits on your computer desktop and reminds you of all the things you need to do. Unlike you, our reminder software will never forget an important date. Without fail, it tells you when it's time to prepare your tax returns, when the kids have been invited to a birthday party, or when you need to go out and by a gift for your 10th wedding anniversary which just happens to be next week! In other words, this reminder software works just like that little piece of string that some people tie around their finger to remember things - but this piece of virtual string has got a descriptive label attached, and it will never slide off or get grimy!

Our reminder software comes with a number of versatile features. You can use a daily, weekly or monthly view, and you can set the alarm to pop up and remind you anywhere between fifteen minutes to one week before the event. You can also add virtual stickers to customize your calendar - for example, a little birthday cake symbol reminds you when someone special is going to be one year older and a football makes sure you don't forget that important game!

Don't let all those pesky dates and times rule your life - rely on our reminder software and take back control!

Customizable Photo Calendar and Desktop Reminder
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